Why eggs should be frozen?

Today, many women have to postpone their dreams of becoming a mother due to thier work and career concerns. In this case the egg reserve and quality decreases significantly.
This reduces the chance of a possible pregnancy. Apart from these, women who  have cancer, low egg reserves or a risk of early menopause freeze their eggs in order not to lose their reproductive ability for having babies in the future.

In the new world order, the preliminary preparation of life began to take a long time and to be tough. Nowadays we see that the age of marriage can reach till 33-38. The increase in expectant years of the mothers frightens many women. We are intensely facing the demands of freezing the eggs of women between the ages of 37-42 who are not yet married.

Can we freeze eggs in the lab?

It can be done and it takes 3-4 hours and requires serious equipment.
We dont apply this system anymore. Nowadays the vitrification techniques have increased the rate of livingcells that we obtaine after embryo freezing and thawing. We have achieved extremely successful results in oocyte freezing.

Who can freeze their eggs?

According to  September 30, 2014 dated regulation published by the Ministry of Health;

a) Those treatments that damage gonad cells such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy,

b)  The operations that will lead to the loss of reproductive functions (such as ovarian removal),

c) Oocyte freezing has become legal in our country if the women has a low ovarian reserve and has not given birth also if she has a history of early menopause which is documented with a medical board report consisting of three specialists.