GenArt Womens Health and Human Reproductive Technology center works on infertility and reproductive technology. We follow all the biotechnological developments in the world and focus on patients satisfaction. For patients that contact us we aim to give quick,effective, economic and trustable treatment. With leading of Prof Volkan Baltacı MD, Phd Medical Director GenArt is serving all the patients with its experienced staff. We have embryology,andrologia,cytogenetics and molecular genetics labarotory which is donated by latest technological devices.

Our clinic is very experienced on preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGT). We dont just serve in infertility cases, we also serve for the couples that need to choose and have a healthy baby.

To find genetic diseases in an embryo we have all the devices and latest technology in our clinic. PGT can also be done to the diseases like Mediterranean anemia (Talesemia) sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, spinal muscle disease (SMA) PGT implantation helped many families to have a baby fort he couples that made unsuccesful IVF treatments or repititious abortions

We embrace a knowledge; in medicine the way to get succeed does not just go through the use of the right device and pills but also to be close to your patients like friends and show respect for their privacy.