Genetic counselling aims to reduce the frequency of genetic diseases in the community and prevent repetitions.

Determination of genetic risks, identifying recurrence risks of diseases and planning prenatal diagnoses, above all, informing the family about the disease in question are the main objectives of genetic counselling.

What are the conditions to get Genetic Counselling?

1- Recurrent miscarriages

2- Births of babies with genetic disease

3- Individuals with a family history of cancer and chronic disease

4- Advanced maternal age (over 35 years)

5- Pregnant women at risk of genetic disease according to screening test results

6- Couples who have consanguineous marriage

7- Risky pregnancy cases as a result of ultrasonographic examination

8-  Couples living in the environment where certain specific diseases are observed (diseases in that area are intense - eg Mediterranean Fever etc.)

9- Couples with a family history of genetic disease, which is found to be autosomal recessiveor dominant

Prof Volkan Baltacı MD, Phd
Medical Director