Piezoelectric is used for couples that have problems in their IVF process due to their eggs or sperms. With this method it has been seen that  the activation of the eggs and collecting embryo succeeds substantialy. Egg cells that will be applied to piezoelectric will be placed half an hour after microinjection process (ICSI) in a specially prepared buffer solution between two parallel electrodes in a glass container called 'electro dish'. Egg cells are supplied with an electro cell manipulator device at a microvolt level. Alternative and direct currents provide the polarization of sperm and egg cells that affects the nuclear membranes which allows the DNA of the cells to combine (nuclear fusion). It also stimulates the mechanical system related to the fertilization and division of the cell. This technique is used in TESE cases to patients with a total immotile sperm parameter. After immature sperm injection higher fertilization rates can be achieved. Piezo electric method is an alternative treatment.