Abroad Patients

GenArt IVF center has made different protocols for the patients that comes  from abroad. Patients are available to communicate with our doctors and get servise through telephone and internet so their waiting time here will minimize . GenArt  also submits you proper accommodation choices.

For Transport to Ankara;

Ankara Esenboga Airport

Telephone Consulting

We start with a telephone consultancy for our patients that is abroad . In that conversation we give detailed informations about the IVF programs and our services. After the conversation between our doctor and the patient it’s optional that the tests and the ovulation tracking can be done in a clinic nearby where the patient is living before starting our process here . We will be pleased also guide you through all this steps from our clinic.

IVF Treatment

After the consultancy we start the IVF process with  a special stimulation protocol that will be set for you. The first stimulation can also be planned in our patients home country with our guidance. By this was our patient should be in our clinic on the 9th day of the stimultion so the time spending in Ankara will be arround 1 week not more.

The Steps for Our Abroad Patients

1)      You can get in touch with our International Patient Officers MS Renata
You can also contact our gynecologists from our website ( or through skype or whatsapp in order to Turkish timezone between 09.00-18.00.

2)      Our doctor will plan a treatment schedule according to your arrival in Ankara so you don't loose any time.

3)      It will be enough for you to bee in our clinic 1-2 times during the procedure.

4)      The whole process will take 6 days and GenArt will coordinate your accomodation and also your transportation to the clinic from airport.